Study of job stress among employees of Social Security Organization of Khuzestan province with respect to individual characteristics

Author : Majid Nikkhah, Razieh Ali Yari, GHahraman Zalpour

One of the most important psychosocial factors in the workplace is occupational stress. Job stress can affect the health of the workforce and have unpleasant outcomes.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the occupational stress of employees of Social Security Administration of

Human Resources Flexibility and Labor Productivity in Ahvaz Gas Company

Author : Majid Nikkhah, Hadis Mostafaei Niya, Aida Moradi

The present study aims to identify "human resources flexibility and labor productivity in Ahvaz Gas Company". This study is an applied research in terms of the purpose which is conducted by descriptive-correlational approach and also a single-sectional research in terms of the time scop

Investigating the effect of Organizational Citizenship Behavior on Organizational Creativity of elementary school Teachers in District One of Ahvaz Education Department

Author : Majid Nikkhah, Azin Maleki Niya

The present study aimed to examine the effect of organizational citizenship behavior on teachers’ organizational  creativity  in  the  district  one  elementary  schools  of  Ahvaz  city.  The  data  were collected  in &n

The effect of employee perception of organizational justice on organizational citizenship behavior and job satisfaction Investigating employees of Ahwaz Alborz Insurance Company

Author : Majid Nikkhah*, Seyyedeh Maryam Hosseini* Razieh Hatami

Obviously, organizational justice plays an important role in employee's citizenship behavior and their  job  satisfaction,  and  ignoring  it  in  an  organization  may  lead  to  disorientation  and  other maladaptive &nbs