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Investigating the effect of Organizational Citizenship Behavior on Organizational Creativity of elementary school Teachers in District One of Ahvaz Education Department

Majid Nikkhah, Azin Maleki Niya

The present study aimed to examine the effect of organizational citizenship behavior on teachers’ organizational  creativity  in  the  district  one  elementary  schools  of  Ahvaz  city.  The  data  were collected  in  this  study  using  the  standard  questionnaire  of  the  organizational  citizenship  and organizational creativity developed by Podsakoff and Randseep, respectively. The questionnaires reliability was calculated by SPSS software with the Cronbach's alpha coefficient obtained at 0.75 and 0.86 for Podsakoff and Randseep’s questionnaires respectively. The questionnaires validity was also confirmed by some of faculty members and experts. The research statistical population is consisted of primary school teachers in district one of Ahvaz city educational department. The sample  size  is  estimated  by  Cochran  formula  at  153  members  and  SPSS  software  was  used  to analyze the data. According to the obtained results, there is a positive and significant relationship between  organizational  citizenship  behavior  and  organizational  creativity  in  elementary  school teachers.

Keyword:1- Organizational Citizenship Behavior,
Keyword:2- Organizational creativity, Employee Creativity, Teachers, Ahvaz

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