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The effect of employee perception of organizational justice on organizational citizenship behavior and job satisfaction Investigating employees of Ahwaz Alborz Insurance Company

Majid Nikkhah*, Seyyedeh Maryam Hosseini* Razieh Hatami

Obviously, organizational justice plays an important role in employee's citizenship behavior and their  job  satisfaction,  and  ignoring  it  in  an  organization  may  lead  to  disorientation  and  other maladaptive  impulsivity  corruption.  This  research  aims  to  investigate  the  effect  of  employees' perception of organizational justice on organizational citizenship and job satisfaction among the employees of Alborz Insurance Company of Ahwaz Branch. The research community consists of central  office  staff  and  representative  offices  in  the  city  of  Ahwaz.  Of  these,  78  of  them  were sampled by three questionnaires. 

Keyword:1- employee perception
Keyword:2- organizational justice
Keyword:3- organizational citizenship behavior
Keyword:4- job satisfaction

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