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Human Resources Flexibility and Labor Productivity in Ahvaz Gas Company

Majid Nikkhah, Hadis Mostafaei Niya, Aida Moradi

The present study aims to identify "human resources flexibility and labor productivity in Ahvaz Gas Company". This study is an applied research in terms of the purpose which is conducted by descriptive-correlational approach and also a single-sectional research in terms of the time scope. The  research  statistical  population  is  consisted  of  all  employees  of  Khuzestan  Gas  Company among them 90 people were selected as the sample by random sampling technique. The research instrument is also a standard questionnaire  of human resource flexibility  and labor productivity which face validity was confirmed and also evaluated in terms of reliability be Cronbach's alpha method which was equal to 0.93, indicating the desired reliability coefficients for the mentioned questionnaire.  The  findings  obtained  from  the  research  showed  that  there  is  a  positive  and significant  relationship  between  the  human  resources  flexibility  and  all  its  dimensions  with  the labor productivity. 

Keyword:1- human resource
Keyword:2- flexibility
Keyword:3- labor productivity

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