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Study of job stress among employees of Social Security Organization of Khuzestan province with respect to individual characteristics

Majid Nikkhah, Razieh Ali Yari, GHahraman Zalpour

One of the most important psychosocial factors in the workplace is occupational stress. Job stress can affect the health of the workforce and have unpleasant outcomes.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the occupational stress of employees of Social Security Administration of Khuzestan province with respect to their individual characteristics. The statistical population of this study is 50 people selected from 80 employees of this organization who were selected by simple random sampling and were evaluated using the Stores Shagli Davis, Robbins and Mc Lee (1991) questionnaires. The results of the research showed that the occupational stress among the employees of the organization is moderate, which indicates the appropriate work environment, the existence of friendly atmosphere among the organization's members and the presence of committed and honest employees in this organization

Keyword:1- Stress
Keyword:2- Stress factors
Keyword:3- Stress factors

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